the Seer’s Isle

I’m working on a follow up to the Wind Maker. Working Title is The Seer’s Isle. Mist and Jade go in seach of answers when Mist has a recurring dream, of flying in a storm…
Ill try to post a chapter, or two later.

Chapter 1       Dreams

Mist tossed in her sleep, as her mind fought the storm. Then hands shook her awake.

“W-what? She growled.

“You’re dreaming again,” her friend Jade told her. “Is it the same one?”

“Yes, of course it’s the same one! And don’t go on about me telling Grandfather! It’s just a dream.”

“I’ve been thinking that it may not be just a dream. My great grandmother says ‘mages have dreams of forewarning’.”

“You mean we could really end up tossed about in a storm?”

“But where in a storm?”

“How in a lightning bolt do I know!” Mist looked hard at her friend, and considered that the Earth mage wouldn’t let her go back to sleep till she had promised to tell her grandfather. Being a fire mage and lord of High Fort, Aya would surely know if it was something to worry about. “Tomorrow, I’ll talk to Grandfather. Now, can I sleep?”

Several hours later, as the meeting of mages was ending Mist plucked up the courage to tug at Aya’s sleeve. “I’ve been having dreams,” She said quietly.

The goodbyes halted, and Cirrus asked, “What kind of dreams?”

“Of flying through a storm, seeking something, some answers….”

“Vague shadowy images, like they’re not important. But the dream is repeated?” asked Aya.

“Yes. How did you know?” Mist asked, then guessed, “You’ve been having dreams too?”

Others nodded, only Jade and her great grandmother, Amethyst shook their heads.

It was Amethyst who spoke, “Someone or something could be calling you, that’s far away or has little power or the dreams would be clearer.” She looked thoughtful a moment then said, “The Seer would have the answer.”

“The Seer?”

“Yes, the Seer. But you’ll need a boat as the Seer is on an island in the Sea of Tears.” Aya was unrolling a map. “Here it is. Ha, that’s a very long way south east of here. Even flying will take several days.”

“Will we still need a boat if we fly?” Jade asked. Then smiled, “I’m going too.”

“Yes, you need a boat and not a large one either and yes Jade needs to go with you.” the old woman looked at the other mages. “Anyone know of boat builders?”

“They build ships in Lambada….”

“Too big.”

“How about we ask the magic where a suitable boat can be found?” Jade asked, her teacher.

Amethyst nodded, “Yes, but after you have returned us all to our homes.”

Two days later the flying bed had returned Mistral, Cirrus and Amethyst to their homes. Mist and Jade sat on the sheets and eiderdown trying to think of what to ask the magic.

“You need to ask. It was your idea.”

“But it’s your dream were going after.”

“No! It’s not…. I’m not asking for us to go to the source of my dream or anything like that! Far too dangerous!” Mist gripped her hands into fists then shook her head and breathed deeply. Her hands relaxed. “What we need is a boat to take us safely to the Seer’s Isle.”

“Or rather, for the magic to take us where we can get a boat that will take us safely to the Seer’s Isle.”

“Yes, Jade. Didn’t I say that?”

“Not quite.”

“See you’re much better at this than me.”

“No, I’ve just been doing magic longer that’s all. This could be a bit tricky, as I don’t know how to visualise this.”

Mist thought then asked, “How about asking to be taken to where there are boats suitable for our quest?”

There was a hum from Jade’s shoulder as her guide beetle let them know they were close.

“Right then, we won’t get a boat for nothing. Have you got unmilled grain to trade. Barley is always good, so is wheat…”

“Yes, Mist. The harvest was good, my Granddeema and I made sure of it. But do we go now or tomorrow?”

The chill of an early, autumn morning was still in the air. When the two young mages got ready. The whole village had come out to wish them luck.

The laying out of the sheets and bolsters, with magic fathers stuck in their ends, then tying them together had become routine. All too soon they were ready and with a rapidly beating heart Mist knelt opposite Jade and said, “I’m thinking of being taken to where boats are made that are good for our quest. I’m going to tap three times and breathe down on the third tap.” Breathing slowly to keep herself calm was hard when she tried to think of the tools for boat building, safety and finding answers far to the south. Then it kind of came together and she tapped three times.  She breathed down and felt Jades earth and life magic combine with her own air magic and whoosh, they were flying again.

Looking around, she said, we’re going west. Lambada, maybe?”

“Lambada is more north west from here,” Jade said, waving to the people behind them.

“I hope it’s not far where we’re going. I forgot blankets for tonight.”

Jade nodded, “Too late now.”

Before midday they were crossing the coast and could see the Barrier Islands ahead. Below them the blue waters of the Finger Sea was almost still, with just a few waves, beyond the islands the grey green waters were laced with white.

As they neared one of the larger islands the bird bed, as they called it, began to lose height. A small town nestled in a sheltered bay, below them. The bed circled as it got lower. Then flew straight to land on the north part of the beach, near to a harbour, where boats and ships of all sizes were moored. The magic left and there was just sheets and bolsters again.

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