Hugo, a gargoyle’s story

Deep in the forest and up in the branches of the largest tree two gargoyles were talking. One was a very young green horn the other had the grey of stone.

“But granddad where are we going?”

“To the town.” Was all the reply he got.

They flew through the trees for several hours then settled in a tree near a very large church.

“This is the cathedral I’ve been asked to guard.”

“But granddad, all the gargoyles here are stone…..that means you’re going to become stone!”

The young gargoyle started to cry. He didn’t want o lose his granddad.

“Now, Hugo. It’s not bad news. My place is up there on the corner above the door. It’s a very sort after spot. The competition is very fierce for a prestigious place like that!”

“I don’t care. I want you to read my bedtime stories and be there to talk to.”

“But Hugo, I get a place in heaven in exchange for a few years guard duty.”

Hugo was too upset to talk and flew off. He didn’t look where he was going. He just wanted to get away…

Hours later, cold tired and hungry he found himself I a strange part of the forest where dark things crawled beneath the trees. He had been told of these things and that they were the reason he had sharp teeth. They were so many though that he knew he couldn’t fight them all. As the night crept in he listened to their evil voices as they planned a raid on the church to the holy one….

Hugo knew he had to warn his granddad and the other gargoyles. Turning he found shadows surrounded him gnashing his teeth he bit and scratched his way free then fled through the trees back the way he had come. The eerie sound of the dark things followed him through the forest.

His grandfather was still in the tree by the church. Gasping for breath Hugo said, Shadow things are coming…. lots of them.”

The Old gargoyle took out a trumpet and blew hard. The sound echoed through the trees. He blew again and the gargoyles on the church came to life… and the cries of more of Hugo’ s people came from the forest.

Hordes of the shadows come out of the forest and battle raged. Hugo fought bravely by his grandfather’s side and killed many. At last the battle was won and the shadows retreated back to the forest.

A light came from the sky and lit the area. The holy one had come to thank the loyal gargoyles….. Shining brightly he walked to and fro healing the injured. Then he sought out Hugo, ‘Young one you have do e well to warn the guards. Is there anything you wish?”

“I don’t want my granddad to turn to stone…. I want him to read me bedtime stories and be there to talk to.”

There was a groan of disbelief. But the shining one hushed them.”Hugo, would you want to be with your grandfather on the church and to guard it from evil?”

Hugo thought he would be with his grandfather and would be able to help keep the holy place safe. “Yes, I would like that very much.”

“So be it.”

Sketch123194356And so the youngest gargoyle was given the honour of guarding the great cathedral with his grandfather and many of his fierce people


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