Looking at Fonts

Looking at Fonts.

(Cambria) What’s in the style of letters (Times New Roman) that says different things to different people? (Symbol) Is it how the letters form words in the mind that fill the spaces in the silence or is it that words make pictures of places far away, and people that lived long a go? (Tahoma) Does it matter? The style is not that different between them…. not like the fonts I read as a child, with Gs like hour glasses… Took me ages to read the letters let alone the words.

But which one do I need to use? This Arial is kind on the eye. Maybe this is the one… Times New Roman seems harder somehow, less friendly. Where as Ariel is welcoming, almost as if it’s asking to be read. Yes this is the one that I’ll write with as I want my stories and poems to be read.


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