Food Love

Leeann skillfully mixes the dough. Rolling it out thinly she spreads the lard over two thirds with a knife. Then she works on the process of folding and rolling. Humming to herself, she makes the puff pastry.
Using the best ingredients, she knows that her guests will really enjoy the food at her pre Christmas party this evening. ‘The flavour will be wonderful,’ she sighs.
All too soon the sausage rolls are made. Slipping the trays into the fridge to chill, she washes the worktop and the kitchen floor. The kitchen tidy again, she hangs up the flour streaked overall.
She bushes her hair and applies fresh lipstick in the small sitting room. Nail vanish isn’t the best idea on a bake day. Her on, coat she heads outside to her car, with the grace of a sumo wrestler, along the narrow passageway of her small bungalow and across the garden. ‘First stop is the supermarket,’ She quietly informs the car.
Half an hour later Leeann walks out of the bakers her ample arms full of boxes of cream cakes. Opening the boot of her car, she puts the cakes carefully into the cool box: she knows not to trust the cool weather, when the sun shines in December her car can still heat up. They sit neatly on top of the large tub of her favourite ice cream, which in turn sits on the chiller pouch. Humming to herself, Leeann closes the cool box firmly and locks the boot with a flourish. ‘Tonight’s going to be great!’ she whispers to her car, as she opens the door and squeezes in. Puffing slightly she drives off to the next call on her list: the off-licence.
Someone’s just pulling out, when she turns the corner. Quickly she turns into the parking space. Now, she will only have to carry the large order a few steps.
Soon: cider, beer, larger and a shoebox containing her new shoes are stored in the now bulging boot. Leeann pats the car, ‘Just get this little lot home, then you can have a rest.’ Squeezing in behind the steering wheel, she sits a few moments to catch her breath, before heading home.
The garden surrounding Leeann’s bungalow welcomes her. Full of the flowers of winter pansies, aubrietia and polyanthus, like the humming of bees, it seems to sing to her, as she carries the cool box along the path and into her home.
Going into the tiny kitchen, she puts the cool box on the kitchen table.
She lights the gas oven with a match, then watches for the blue flames, before closing the door firmly. From the fridge she pulls out the two trays of sausage rolls. Now she can put away the cream cakes, as they will fit on the shelves the trays had been on. The other shelves being full of jellies, double chocolate cakes and bread rolls.
Leeann just cannot stop herself from opening the tub of mint and chocolate chip ice cream and having a scoop, before tucking it into the freezer. ‘Good, the ice cream is still firm.’ She tells herself. Just a few hours more, and the party will begin.
Taking off the cling film from the sausage rolls she opens the oven door and is met by a blast of hot air. Quickly Leeann puts both trays inside and closes the oven door.
Going back outside to the car for the boxes of drinks, Leeann notices that across the road Mary is talking to a wonderful looking man. ‘Who is he?’ Without thinking Leeann walks across the road.
‘Hi Mary. Still coming tonight?’
‘Of course! Leeann I would like you to meet my son John. If it is OK, he would like to come tonight.’
‘Of cause he can come, ‘Leeann manages to say. She can’t believe her luck. She smiles up at John, at his blue eyes, at his neatly cut brown hair and beard. But there is no answering gleam; his expression is almost frosty. Leeann looks at her watch and turns back to Mary. ‘I must get on, bye for now.’ She walks quickly to her car to hide her disappointment.
After opening the boot Leeann stands pretending to be trying to lift the beers. The box of drinks is very heavy but she can lift it easily. Standing with her head in the boot, Leeann is blinking her eyes trying to clear moisture and hoping she hasn’t spoilt her mascara as she dabs her eyes with tissues. Then from behind her, she hears a voice.
‘Do you need some help?’
Leeann knows the voice, ‘Yes Mat, can you take in this one. The others are not so heavy.’ As she moves aside to let her friend take the box of beers, she sees that John has wandered over.
‘Can I help?’
‘Yes, John; go ahead and take this box of cider. Mat will show you where they go.’ Leeann picks up the cans of larger and closes the boot, locking it. She turns just in time to see John trying to walk along side Mat as they go in through the front doorway. John’s using the ‘I’ve seen you at the gay club,’ chat up line.
‘Oh,’ Leeann smiles and shakes her head at her foolishness in assuming it was her weight that put John off. ‘Maybe those people at weight watchers wouldn’t be able to help me to win John.’ She is thoughtful as she walks down her garden path. ‘But it does look as if Mat could have a boy friend, at long last. It’s what he wanted for his Christmas box.’ Leeann starts to hum as she lifts the lagers above her head and goes sideways through her front doorway. ‘But then again maybe weight watchers might help me to fit into this bungalow.
‘Then again maybe not.’ She changes her mind as her nose catches the aroma of the sausage rolls cooking, sending saliva to her mouth.


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